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The Italian Cook - Traditional Italian Recipes and information on Italy

Do all roads really lead to Rome? This is just one of the many quotations about this famous city that you may have already heard – and the answer is a resounding yes! Also dubbed as the "Eternal City", Italy's capital is famous for being a romantic paradise, a charming city chock full of history, an artists' haven, the world's center of religion and much more. Rome is a sprawling city which is like a decadent cake with many delicious layers. No matter which cultural or historical attraction it is that you are looking for, there are a lot of options to choose from. Learn more about Rome and visit website by clicking here.

Recipes, food, cooking tips, healthy food, Italian food.“Ravioli al pesce” are a typical dish from the region of Liguria. These ravioli are stuffed with fish and served either with a red “frutti di mare” sauce or as we did it here with butter and Bottarga*. However, you can find many versions of “ravioli di pesce” in the southern regions of Italy.Tipp: As making homemade ravioli is somewhat time consuming, you can prepare the ravioli ahead of time and put them into the freezer. For best results place parchment paper between the layers of ravioli to prevent them from sticking. When you are ready to cook them, take them out last minute and boil them frozen.. Visit website by clicking here.

The Italian Cook - Traditional Italian Recipes and information on Italy

The Italian CookThe Italian Cook

I hope you enjoy our recipe website and tell your friends about the many italian recipes available for free for non-profit and social media usage only, including information on all the regions in Italy. We also have a Culinary Vacation Section giving you a brief description of the owners and where they are located in Italy. This way the next time you visit Italy you have a good road map if you love to learn about Italian Cooking.To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

Sicilian White Horse Bed & Breakfast - Culinary Vacation

Sicilian White Horse Bed and BreakfastSicilian White Horse Bed & Breakfast

Fully furnished with all comforts, there are three bedrooms (one double and two singles), all with private baths and air conditioning, a full kitchen available to guests, a leisure room with TV, lighted pool and a large terrace with barbecue. Sicilian White Horse also owns a larger home that can accomodate up to 18 guests. This property is also used for culinary courses offered on request only. A minimum of 4 guests is required to learn Sicilian Traditional Cooking. Possibility to explore and adventure with experts, hiking in the beautiful local caves and tasting of typical local products. To visit the Sicilian White Horse Bed & Breakfast you can visit by clicking here.

French Recipes to Love

French Recipes to LoveFrench Recipes to Love

This website is for those that love French recipes! France is well known to have the best food in the world and indulge in the healthiest diets too. So what could be better than to give your family and friends the very best of french cusine! From beautiful sea food, poultry and meat dishes, wonderful cheeses, colourful fruit and vegetables, pastries, breads to dip in your soups and the finest wines to wash it down with - the French have it all. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

Italy Cooking Courses in Puglia with Marika & Cinzia Rascazzo

Italy Cooking Courses in PugliaItaly Cooking Courses in Puglia

Mediterraneo Italian Cooking School provides cookery vacations and wine tours in Puglia Italy. It is run by the two sisters, Marika & Cinzia Rascazzo. Marika is a Cardiologist. Cinzia is a Harvard graduate, wine sommelier and certified olive oil taster. Cinzia & Marika are Slow Food and IACP members. Learn about the secrets of a simple, healthy and still very delicious Mediterranean cuisine. You will get to the heart of the authentic Puglia, one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

Buying a Luxury Sicilian Property with Buy in Sicily

Luxury Sicilian PropertiesLuxury Sicilian Properties

Since the early centuries, the oldest civilizations have find the Sicilean Island their ideal location to relax and have a great memorable holiday. There are many example of old Roman or Arab villas in Sicily. Sicily is the ideal location to choose a luxury property learn abut the customs and relax like you have never dreamed about. An Exclusive villa in Sicily gives you the opportunity to have a property rich in history, culture, peace, sun, and beauties. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

Louisiana Food - special creole and cajun flavors

Louisiana has it's own brand of food. We have the best tasting food in the world. My site is dedicated to Louisiana Foods- from recipes, products,cultural aspects and for people who want to experience what makes our food so delicious. What's your favorite Louisiana Foods? That is definietly a question that no one could honestly have just one answer. Is it Jamblaya, Gumbo, Etoufee, Po-Boys, or boiled Seafood? I was born and raised in New Orleans where we can make a meal out of anything. Louisiana Food has it's own special creole and cajun flavors. We grow our own rice, coffee, tea, and spices. We catch our own Louisiana seafood and smoke our own andouille and boudin. Most families have their own special recipes for all of our favorites. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.



The creator is a Sicilian woman who believes that food is an expression of love, and strongly bonded to relationships. Most of my recipes have a story attached to it and the stories portray the significance of food through a cultural awareness. This blog was created to be educational and inspirational. It was created to show how food is so thickly intertwined with people and how food can leave a lasting memory because of the persons involved. People are like a good wine, when served with your favorite dish it enhances the flavor of that dish. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

Organic Tuscany - Learn to cook in Tuscany

Organic TuscanyOrganic Tuscany

Join us on a week-long organic cooking class in Tuscany We'll visit local organic farms, learn to cook flavoursome, healthy food using the freshest local seasonal ingredients, and savour the results together, washed down with delicious biodynamic wine. Buon appetito. Accommodation is in apartments in typical Tuscan villas or farmhouses ten minutes' walk from our home, La Selva, where the cooking classes will be held. The apartments are self-catering, so on your free evenings, you can choose whether to investigate the great local trattorie, or stay in and relax with a good Chianti and delicious local organic cheeses. There is also a swimming pool with a stunning view. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

Todicastle Estate - Tours - Cooking - Umbria

Todicastle Estate UmbriaTodicastle Estate Umbria

The Santoro Family invites you to spend your vacation at Todi Castle Estate. A true italian holiday experience. Ours is a successful mixture of a well established family run business and the Italian tradition of hospitality. Located in Umbria, a unique ecological paradise. A region with hidden treasures of Art, Architecture, Food and Wine. Todi Castle Estate is the ideal place for your Family Reunion, for a Group of Friends or a small Celebration. At Todi Castle you will enjoy luxury style service. In the Villas you will enjoy self catering with the option of our cook providing lunch or dinner service. Additional Special Services are offered by Todi Castle Estate to make your stay more enjoyable. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

Villa San Raffaello restored farmhouse in Le Marche region of Italy

Villa San Raffaello - Le MarcheVilla San Raffaello - Le Marche

A lovingly restored farmhouse; which retains the best original architectural features, it's set in 8 acres of land only 2 minutes from Sarnano and the Sibillini Mountain National Park. The villa has a 14metre pool and is divided into 4 apartments sleeping any number from 2- 28 persons. Throughout the site we have tried to whet your appetite with information and to evoke the true flavour of this part of Le Marche. Please stop and browse our informative pages on the amazing array of sights and activities on offer to visitors to Sarnano and Le Marche. We think that you will agree with past guests and find our elegant apartments and our location a winning combination for a great Italian holiday. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

Casina di Rosa Tuscany Cooking Class

Casina de RosaCasina de Rosa

We offer cooking classes which allow you to experience everyday life in an Italian house, how we prepare our meals, how we choose our daily menu and how we enjoy the ritual of lunch and dinner in front of a good glass of wine! You can build your own menu, selecting the dishes that you want to learn to prepare from among the many on the list provided by Giovanna, our instructor. You can decide if you wish to observe or if you actually want to prepare food with Giovanna at her beautiful house in the countryside. If you decide to actively participate in the cooking lesson, you will help the cook prepare the dishes that you have chosen (all belonging to traditional Italian cuisine, and a good sample of what real Italian people in this area normally eat) and then you will enjoy your own first authentic Tuscan meal!!! Upon request, you can combine the cooking class with olive oil or wine tasting: an excellent way to get to know Tuscany and its culinary tradition even better. We only select local olive oil and locally produced wines, because we wish to offer a real insight into the food and drinks of this corner of Tuscany. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

Italian Home Recipes

Italian Home RecipesItalian Home Recipes

The pleasures and love of Italian cuisine are known the world over. Easy Italian recipes vary from region to region, and on the whole are very healthy and nutritious, using natural ingredients that are in season. Most traditional and 'specialty' dishes as we know today, are on the whole derived from simple peasant cookery, for example the Pizza, which could be found a couple of centuries ago on the streets of Naples being sold by street vendors to those that had no cooking facilities of their own at home. Although there are essential ingredients that all Italian food recipes should have, (including basil, garlic and olive oil!), the most important ingredients are passion and creativity. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

Dreaming of Sicily - A Travel Memoire

1Dreaming of Sicily

If you've been dreaming of Sicily, you've landed at the right place. DREAMING OF SICILY ~ A Travel Memoir, came about quite by accident; after telling my family and friends about the very serendipitous experiences my husband Eric and I had on our first trip to Sicily, I was told over and over again, "You must write a book with these stories!" My artist friend, Kathleen Gwinnett, also a second generation Sicilian-American, was one of those who mentioned that I should write this book; I told her I would if she would illustrate it. To my great delight she agreed. Her evocative watercolors of Sicily bring the stories to life and hopefully will give the armchair traveler a greater appreciation for this magical island. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

A Guide to Italy & Italian Culture on the Web

1Italy & Italian Culture

Your guide to Italy & Italian Culture on the Web. Enjoy as you learn more about the traditions, heritage and way of life that make Italians who they are. Italiansrus offers your business or organization maximum exposure to people looking for information online relating to Italy and Italian culture. We offer several methods of showcasing your business or organization. All the rates listed in U.S. Dollars on our website. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.

Italian Language - Learning Italian

1Italian Language Guide

Many people rate "learning Italian" as the most beautiful spoken language in the world: Speaking of opera, painting, design, architecture, cooking, love or god in italian makes you feel you finally understood the topic. Italians love to talk. Not only do they enjoy communication, but they also love their language, because it's very melodious. Opera is famous for a reason! Italian pronunciation might pose some difficulties for the beginner. Yet it is very regular, and once the rules are understood it is easy to pronounce each word correctly. Improve your Italian pronunciation using these lessons and other resources. To visit the website please continue by clicking here.


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